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For 580+ Marks in GS + Essay by reading 438 Pages
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Wow! This is what I was looking for. Undoubtedly, this is the most innovative course for mains preparation. How can I get enrolled?

Thanks for showing interest in Acads.com Mains. However, we are a small team of 18 members. Seats in mains course are limited in number and are not available for all. In order to check your eligibility to the course, please drop a mail on ias@acads.com mentioning the following details:
i. Name
ii. Educational Background and Achievements
iii. Past UPSC CSE performance
iv. Anything else that would like to tell us
Based on above criteria, suitability of the candidate will be evaluated for the course.

I am a subscriber of Acads course. Do I get any preference/discount in enrolment to MAC Program?

Yes! The order of preference for enrolmets is as follows 1. Compact Prelims Plus Subscribers [Discount - INR 6,000] 2. Compact Prelims Subscribers / Selected Candidates in CSE 2019/20 [Discount - INR 4,000] 3. Other Acads Subscribers / Interview candidates from CSE 2019/20 [Discount INR 2000] 4. Others

Alright. In case I wish to revisit any lecture video or face difficulty in understanding any lecture, can I watch it again?

Sure you can. Total viewing hours are available upto 3x the video hours i.e. on an average you can watch every video for upto 3 times.

Where can I access the course modules from? Are they available offline?

Notes can be viewed on Acads web and android platform only. We do not provide availability of content offline.

Is it possible to customize the course?

No! That defeats Acads purpose of providing a one stop solution to Mains Preparation. Our course has been desgined scientifically for 350 hours.

How can I get access to MAC?

1. Please confirm your eligibility first 2. Make the pre-registration payment of INR 4999 on the link below 3. Mail us on accounts@acads.com for remaining payment detils. 4. Team will provide you additonal details upon verification within 48 hours.

Still have any queries left?

Reach us on info@acads.com or Whatsapp/Call us on +91 9818233242

Is it possible to get disocunt on MAC course?

Apologies. Please understand MAC is the most innovative and exhaustive course available for Mains preparation. It is not possible for us to anymore discount.

Discount is available only for CPC+, CPC, Selected Candidates and old subsriber of Acads. The offered discount has already been mentioned above.

I want to subscribe for both CPC 2021 and MAC 2021. How can I do that?

As subscription of CPC makes you eligible for MAC 2021, combo of CPC+MAC 2021 is open to all.

To aid your complete preparation Acads is offering combined CPC+MAC 2021 at special prices. For your custom payment link, please drop a mail on accounts@acads.com

Please note that this offer has limited seats. Seats available on first come, first serve basis.

I want to enrol for MAC 2022/ CPC 2022/ CPC+MAC 2022 Combo? How can I do that?

2022 courses are going live on April 12 at Early bird discount. You can secure your seat by mailing us on accounts@acads.com