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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: Importance of Solving PYQs

Humans predict future by studying past events and unravelling a pattern in it. If you see sun rises daily in the easy, you would predict it to rise from east tomorrow as well.

When the same process is done using computational machines and devices, it becomes Statistical Learning or Machine Learning. The ML algorithms look at past data and try to find a pattern between input variable and output. This pattern is then used to predict unknown output based on available inputs.

The same concept applies in case of your Civil services exam preparation. Whenever you are studying anything, you are subconsciously following the same principle. You are studying something, because either you or someone else feels this is important. This judgement regarding importance of a topic is determined using data from previous year questions papers. E.g. If UPSC is asking about secularism continuously in previous year papers, then it automatically becomes important for the next year also.

In order to cultivate this judgment of what to study and what not to study, it is very important to solve previous year questions first. There is no better test series than PYQs. Do not touch any test series unless you are done with PYQs at least once.

Here is what Acads Mains Accelerator Combo advises our learners to follow

  1. After each lecture, we upload PYQs on the same topic in a separate PYQ course.

  2. In first iteration, immediately after the lecture learners are free to write the answer the way they want without Acads Input. [~10 mins/answer]

  3. In second iteration, learners incorporate the concept of "The Lego Method" and then pin point their own mistakes. They restructure the previous answer and write it again.

  4. In the last month before the exam, learners are provided with final answers.

Why this exercise is beneficial?

  1. There is no better way to practice for UPSC than practicing PYQs.

  2. Many coaching institutes are known for making Question papers unnecessarily difficult for some reasons.

  3. Multiple iterations based on deliberate practice helps in real learning.

  4. Many CSE 2020 questions are directly or indirectly linked to PYQs. So, solving these papers offers highest return on your time invested.

However, we know it's easier said than done. Acads follows multiple strategies to nudge you to complete this exercise.

  1. Nudge mentorship

  2. Performance Dashboard to keep a track of your progress

  3. Integrated learning across the MAC course

  4. Pointers and Anchors across course to nudge our learners to complete the exercise.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start PYQ writing practice now.

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