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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: Economic Survey, Budget and Other Important Govt Docs/Reports

There is no more authentic source for data, facts, policy initiatives than a government document. Economic survey and other government documents shows the official position of government of India on various issues and subjects.

We understand that it is humanly impossible to go through 500+ pages documents. Acads, therefore, provides linkages of content in these documents with Acads Compact pages and provides short and crisp notes for any additional content.

Despite being such an important course, we have witnessed that there is a lack of good summary documents.

Summarisation is more than just copy-pasting from original source. Instead of reading from such summaries (e.g. Piegon IAS), It's better to read enitre eco survey,. Value your time. There is nothing more expensive than something free.

Source: Economic Survey Vol 1 Chapter 3

Innovative Table based format for easy to understand summarization

Use of Mnemonics to make our learners memorize difficult facts

Sample from Ultra Compact 15 Finance Commission summary.

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