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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC] : NUMB3RS Mains

The course you deserve and the course you need.

Numb3rs are undisputedly the most difficult to memorise and retain. They can come in various forms. In history as dates and years, In polity as constitutional articles, In economy as data and in Envrironment as Acts. But, don’t you worry.

One course to tackle them all - Numb3rs by Acads

In Numb3rs, we'll be uploading memory tricks to help you remember numbers.

Example: remembering constitution evolution using number system

Historical Evolution is an important topic from both prelims and mains point of view. However, it gets really difficult to remember all the provisions of 15+ Acts (From Regulating Act 1773 to Indepence Act 1947)

Try forming mnemonics for the same.

e.g. GoI Act, '35 Act

3+5 = 8 => There are 8 provisions that we are going to remember.

The trick is 1-2-3-4 Look at the table in image

There is 1 provision related to "1" ---> 1 means alone => Separate (Separate Electorate)

There are 2 provisions related to "2" => Bicameralism + Dyarchy

"3" => 3 lists

4 => 4 F's = Federation, Franchise, Federal and Provincial PSC, Federal Court.

Revise this a few times and it'll get permanent in your memory 🙂

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