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First AI Powered Scientifically designed Intelligent Guessing Course


Ever wondered why a few aspirants always score 130+ in prelims with less than 50 days of preparation while 99% of aspirants fail to even clear prelims?

After testing our techniques on over 10 year previous year question, we think we have the answer!

On analysis of CSE PYQs, Acads AI (Analytics Division of and Team Acads have come up with 27 techniques which can be used to give boost of 30-40 marks to one’s score

#27 Techniques

Yes, Intelligent guessing is much more than "eliminate extreme statements". AIG provides 27 techniques that that covers the complete spectrum of intelligent guessing. When you are appearing for the most competitive exam in India, make sure you are ready with all the weapons that can get your hands on to.

#AI Powered

These techniques have been tested on all prelims questions of last 10 years. Advanced AI analytics were leveraged to test each technique on over 1000 UPSC data points and then only it has been approved to become a part of the course.

#Risk profiling

These techniques have been tested on all prelims questions of last 10 years. Advanced AI analytics were leveraged to provide aspirants with successful techniques

#Do it Yourself

Experience the magic yourself when you apply these techniques to 10 Year Prelims Questions. Experience of being able to mark a question right just by reading it is ....

We won't tell you. Experience it yourself.

photo_2021-09-06 13.37.36.jpeg

Having ourself cracked every possible objective exams, we know how to be successful in most efficient manner. JEE Under 30, CAT 99.9, GATE Under 15, IFS, IAS, RBI, CFA, FRM, Olympaids....

Bet on the right minds!



Wow! This is what I was looking for. Now I don't have to study anything. I can clear prelims just by using Acads Intelligent guessing [AIG] Course?

We are sorry to disappoint you. There is a reason why we launch AIG course the last month before prelims. We know it sounds tempting to clear prelims just by AIG. But, we can't and won't recommend this. AIG techniques should be used to supplement your knowledge and not to replace your knowledge.

Still have any queries left?

Reach us on or Whatsapp/Call us on +91 9818233242

Is it possible to get disocunt on AIG course?

Apologies. Please understand AIG course has been prepared after extensive research and efforts by Acads Team. Unlike others, we have very strict criteria for team hiring and content development.

Our passion to keep our course short and compact further adds to the cost. Remember, any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex, it takes a touch of genius (and lot of time and efforts) to make things simple and to the point.

Can I get any sample videos?

Yes, Visit