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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: Replicability

Replicability is a concept similar to inheritability but differs slightly from it. While inheritability is about similarity of content for topics or subtopics which have a realationship of parent and child, Replicability means similarity across seemingly unrelated or not directly related subtopics.

Replicability helps a learner in leveraging content of one topic in another. Acads combines the power of mnemonics with replicability to come up with the most innovative and effective studying material.

A very basic example demonstrating Replicability

Mnemonics: GOT FQS (We all know GOT - Game of Thrones has a lot of FQS - F*cks)

GOT FQS = Grievances Redressal, Citizen Oriented, Time Bound Delivery, Citizen Friendly, Quality improvement, Service standards

Now, Where you can use it?

1. Citizen Charter benefits

2. Good Governance Related topics

3. Benefits of Data to citizens

4. Way Forward of any bill

5. Civil Society

etc etc.

Thus a single Mnemonic can be used across multiple topics.

Acads Mains Accelerator Combo incorporates the principles of Inheritability and Replicability to equip our learners with the best study material for CSE Mains.

Contact for details.

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