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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: Write Tests the right way

Now that you have gone through the various schools of thoughts, you must we wondering-

To be or not to be?

Every aspirant has a different approach to Test writing. Every coaching institute has a different schedule to Test taking.

Few questions are obvious to bounce in your head:

  1. How many tests are 'ideal' for the ultimate perfection?

  2. What should be the number of tests per subject- GS 1, 2, 3, 4, Essay?

  3. When should one begin writing tests?

  4. What should be the frequency or cool off time between tests?

  5. Should one write a test at all?

Test series is one area where aspirants master the art of procrastination. About 90% of aspirants are unable to complete the tests series as planned by them. Some go to the Final exam without even writing 1 complete test.

Believe us, when you sit down to pen even 1 answer (forget an entire Test), you will feel anxious and unprepared. And thus begins the wait to be able to write that 1 perfect answer!

We, at Acads sat down to devise the optimum way of preparing for our MAC learners, by ensuring a simple formula:

(Least amount of procrastination X Highest RoI)/ Time taken = MAC Test Series*

MAC Test Series has been divided into 3 stages. he scheduling and nature of these Tests have been designed based on scientific and behavioural principles to maximize the learning outcomes. The same has been used by many UPSC topper including AIR 1 Kanishak, AIR 18 Lavish and many more.

  1. Diagnostic Tests:

    1. Scheduled for first 15 days after Prelims.

    2. 2-3 answers each day.

    3. Elaborate focus on structuring of answers, breaking down parts, identifying sub-parts.

  2. Mini CSE Tests:

    1. For Prelims plus 25-40 days.

    2. Writing Full tests per subject to get a hang of writing for 3 whole hours.

    3. Focus on maintaining consistency throughout the paper for all 20 questions.

  3. The Final CSE Tests:

    1. For Mains minus 30 days.

    2. Building a habit of writing complete tests, preferably two in a day.

    3. Focus on achieving high quality answers with value addition and revision.

By following a strategic approach to Tests series, you will have the confidence to write 20 answers, twice a day for 3 consecutive days with a fairly good quality. After all, who wants just 1 perfect answer, right?

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