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First thing first - With Acads, even Agriculture is easy! Complete NABARD Syllabus in 356 pages.

With NABARD exam hardly 40 days, the need of the hour is SMART STUDY. 


Don’t waste your time reading 20000+ pages long bulky books. Read crisp, to the point and High RoI Acads NABARD 2021 course.

With Acads, complete whole NABARD syllabus with just 356 pages in 232 hours.

  • Filters out upto 70% irrelevant and redundant information

  • Mnemonics and memory tricks for permanent retention

  • Table format for easy reading

  • Covers all important sources exhaustively

  • High RoI GA capsule for covering General Awareness comprehensively

  • Wholly updated content to meet the needs of 2021 exam pattern



Although just one topic, the topic holds relevance in both Phase 1 and Phase 2. Moreover, it forms the basic for other ARD topics and Current Affairs.


Finish ESI smartly with the course designed by IIMA + IITB faculty. 



The most dreaded section in NABARD preparation. Most of candidates don't apply for NABRD because of this section. We know it is a lot to memorize.


But with Acads, have all facts on your fingertips with smart studying techniques and mnemonics 



No matter what the year is, nobody can deny the importance of Schemes. However, with only 40 days in your hand, you can't rely on 1000+ schemes documents to ace the NABARD.


Use Acads unique table format to ace the section. 



Most underrated section of NABARD. With just a small practice and right guidance one can gain upto 30 marks in Phase II. 


Learn. Practice. Crack.

Acads Provides personalized descriptive test series with the course. 



With just 6% weightage in Phase I, the need of the hour is to do it in limited but smart way. Be very sure not to OVERDO it.


Acads provides 35 pages CA to help you cover this section in limited time. 



It is difficult. We don't deny it. But with Mnemonics and memory tricks you can do wonders. 


Sorry to say, but don't be a fool and study 100+ pages for this. Use Acads Static GA course and ace it. 



No. It doesn't matter if you have done Computer science from IITB. You'll have to study for it separately.


Believe us, because we are CS from IITB and we had to devote 10 days to make notes for it. Save your time and finish this section with Acads Notes in 18 hours.

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I am an Engineer, with no background in ARD or ESI. I am worried whether I would be able to compete with other candidates.

Do not worry. As per statistics, most toppers are from Engineering background. We are a team of IITians who understand the Engineering mindset and break down the course contents for you in the most efficient manner.

I am a fresher and appearing for NABARD for the first time. With Acads, can I come at par with those who have been preparing for a long time?

Congratulations, you are at the right place. Most candidates begin preparing only after the announcement of official notification of the exam. All you need is right guidance, Acads smart study and Acads targeted approach to get the highest RoI for your time.

Does Acads NABARD course cover both Phase I & Phase II?

Yes, Acads NABARD course provides the most efficient and compact notes for both Phase I and Phase II of NABARD exam. The courses covered are given above. Please note that the program is not inclusive of QRE for Phase I.

Everything looks awesome. But other institutes are offering content with 10000 pages and 100s of video lectures. How can Acads offer so compact Notes and are they sufficient?

Acads team comprises of IITB, IIMA alumni who hae cracked all the exams that we offer. We can't comment on other institutes faculty. Our pedagogy techniques stems out from our experience.

We have seen most of the toppers have their sources very limited and strcitly avoids bulky copy-pasted compilations.

Believe us, with copy-pasting anyone can make 10000 pages content. The difficult part is doing the opposite.

Will I be able to finish the huge syllabus of NABARD with just 40-45 days left for the exam.

Absolutely. Acads course has been designed scientifically covering the entire syllabus in just 356 pages to be completed in 232 hours. You will not only be able to finish the syllabus, but also complete 3 rounds of revision with Acads.

How will the course contents get unlocked?

We believe in discipline and focus. Thus, Acads provides a curated schedule to the learners for covering the syllabus in a structured and phased manner. The course contents will be unlocked each day and the schedule will be shared with the Learners to align their revisions. The course will start after the official notificaiton with syllabus and pattern on NABARD website.

Still have any queries left?

Reach us on info@acads.com or Whatsapp/Call us on +91 9818233242

Wow! This is what I was looking for. Undoubtedly, this is the most innovative course for NABARD preparation. How can I get enrolled?

Thanks for showing interest in Acads NABARD course. Please click on Enrol now to subscribe to the program.

What is the mode of course and is this a video course?

For NABARD course, we are offering videos only on one course i.e. English descriptive course which carries alone carries weighatge equal to other courses combined in Phase 2. For other course, there are ONLY Notes. We have strictly refrained from giving videos for NABARD 2021 because with just 40 days remaining for the exam, higher learning and revision is possible only with crisp and to the point notes and not bulky videos which are impossible to revise.

Also, Notes can be accessed on web platform and android devices only.