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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: The Lego Method

Remember playing the building blocks game- Lego?

There is a reason why children are introduced to the Lego method at an early stage in life. The aim is to teach children to structure problems so they can be solved.

However, as we grow old, we forget how the same can be applied to master an art of thinking to tackle complex challenges in all aspects of their lives, including your CSE Mains exam.

This will be an important focus area in the initial days of your Mains preparation with Acads. Through the Lego method, we would learn how to- structure problems, i.e. the '20 questions' in this case, develop a systematic approach to advance and refine your solutions, i.e. the '20 answers'.

The Lego method involves the following steps:

  1. Decomposition: Breaking large problems down into smaller ones

  2. Filtering: Setting aside unimportant details.

  3. Leveraging Inheritability: Recognizing where the question lies in UPSC syllabus hierarchy and then using Principle of Inheritability to structure the answer

  4. Leveraging replicability: Recognizing how these relate to questions that have been solved in the past.

  5. 3D4C: Using 3D4C technique to provide additional and specific details for an answer

  6. Value Addition: The final touch to help you score the highest!

Write answers the smart way, the Acads way.

Contact for any queries.

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