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Two Important Rules to tackle Current Affairs!

Aspirants often find current affairs the hardest portion to deal with. Despite, devoting disproportionate amount of time to CA, they often feel lost when it comes to solving questions based on CA. This article briefly explains two important rules to help you ace current affairs.

Rule #1 Linkages

Studying CA is most effective when directly linked with static portion of the syllabus. THis results in not only better internalization but also optimization of efforts. Redundancy of efforts is eliminated when you link Current CA with Static CA and you will be able to save upto 80% of the time.

How to do it?

  • When you are reading any CA topic, try to actively recall the same topic from static notes. e.g. If you are reading about Ways and means advances, try to recall what you already know about WMA and then read the CA.

  • You will notice, 80% of CA is nothing but same old static portion.

  • Analyse. Recall. Internalize. Optimize

Rule #2 Break it down!

The best way to understand any content is to break is down into simpler chunks. The same concept applies for current affairs. Breaking down a CA topic helps one in better understanding and internalization of the content.

How to do it?

  • Think what the topic is about?

  • See if any new term has been defined in the topic/article

  • What are the important articles/data/ etc have been mentioned

  • Brainstorm on linkages with static CA

  • Think what are the rationale behind this event?

  • Ponder upon positives and negatives of the event


Suppose you are reading about Uniform civil code. You can break it down in the following manner.

Another advantage of "breaking it down" comes when you revise it. You can simply hide the right side and try to recall the content just by looking at the headers on the left side.

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