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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: RSTV + AIR + Yojana

Acads do not recommend our learners to go though any of these resources. However, It's a competition and every mark matters. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real and we  won't suggest you to not read what everyone else is reading and then feel left out later. It will impact you psychologically. But unless you know how to decode them, they can consume your precious days. 

Rather use this as an opportunity to gain an edge over others. Finish what others will take 5-6 days to finish, in just an hour.

MostRSTC, AIR and Yojana articles are full of incomplete static information and unnecessary filler information with Current affairs forming only 20-25% of it. 

Study with Acads. Know how to De-abstractize, De-clutter and Integrate Current+Static. We will be giving likages of important RSTC, AIR and Yojana Articles with Acads Notes so that not only you don't feel left out but also develop your confidence in Acads program that we are covering every topic comprehensively despite being so compact.

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