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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: The Lego Essay

Essay paper carries the same marks as any GS paper, yet it does not get the equivalent attention that it deserves from aspirants— first timers and experienced aspirants alike. They believe that since they have already studied a ton for the GS papers, it would be sufficient to write a good essay. This is a miscalculation. Knowledge from GS papers is necessary but not sufficient to score well in the essay paper.

Acads "The Lego Essay" provides tools and techniques to convert knowledge to marks in Essay paper.

The course will focus on equipping our learners with sure shot ways to score good marks in Essay. Important data, quotes from Data and Quotes course will be filtered for the Essay and will be given in a ready to revise format.

Along with this, structure will be provided for 16 broad themes that have been recurring continuously in CSE Essay exam

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