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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: TFS [Strategy] Mains

Dashboard is a place to start new content and review old content.

Let us understand the limitations of time and human effort concerned with any task. Aspirants usually have 350 hours to utilize during the 80 days stretch between Prelims and Mains. During this time, if one fails to plan and calculate their available hours, it is a sure recipe to disaster.

Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

The dashboard provides a:

• Memory of your past proficiency,

• Tracker of your existing performance and

• Journal of your future potential.

It uses data about a learner’s previous and current learning to create a personalized path through effective implementation of MAC programme.

The 2 day rule!

What happens when you get derailed from your self designed schedule? What are the consequences when you procrastinate a bit too much?

'The 2 day rule' to improve productivity suggest that one should never skip any task/habit that you are trying to achieve for 2 days in a row. Otherwise, the progress and improvement is lost and you fall back upon your old habits. For instance, if you do not wake up at 5 am one day, make sure you definitely do the same the next day, even if it requires some deliberate effort on your end like sleeping at 9 pm in the night. Thus, the 2 day rule helps you to avoid falling back into the trap of old habits and routine.

The dashboard, will help you to implement the 2 day rule in more quantitative terms. It is a place where you log in your performance and tasks achieved and any deviation in the plan will automatically reflect as a lapse in your schedule.

Say, you didn't write the diagnostic tests questions for 1 day, make sure you make extra efforts to write them the next day so as to preserve all the improvements you have made so far. Thus, the Performance Dashboard is a place of self-assessment and self-improvement for our learners.

Backbone of Proactive mentorship

The dashboard also forms the basis for Proactive mentorship from Acads experts. It would give a personalized touch to mentorship by identifying the gaps in preparation.

Through the dashboard, mentors will seek to fill the difference between the current proficiency and required proficiency to maximize the chances of success in the exam. Thus, it will act a tool for monitoring one's progress and at the same time for suggesting corrective measures to the learners.

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