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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: Templates

While practicing answer writing for mains, always keep a few points in mind. 

First of all, You have approximately 9 minutes to write 250 words. That leaves with not more than 1 minute in total to think and brainstorm on the answer. Effectively, you can't think.

Secondly, be mechanical in your approach. Try to automate things as much as possible. e.g. You can have 4-5 approaches depending on your writing style. 

Be ready with around 10-15 generic connclusion, 20-30 Introduction, 100 definitions, 10-12 subheading types, data points etc.


You must have a list a 10-15 generic conlcusions which you can modify as per the demand of the questions. Let us illustrate this with some examples.

Conclusion must be balanced, optimistic, forward looking and without any obvious shortcomings.

Conclusion Number 1:  1. With the right mix of accelerators – including regulatory frameworks, educational ecosystems and government incentives – India can lead the XYZ while simultaneously enhancing the quality, equity and sustainability of its own growth and development outcomes. 

This you can use in most of the topics in education, health, entrepreneurship etc. 

Conclusion No 2:  No doubt, XYZ is a welcome step. However, the government should also focus on core issues of ABC, DEF in order to make  the initiative successful

e.g. 1  Women reservation is a step in right direction, However, it must be complemented with reforms addressing the core issues of discrimination, declining sex ratio, plummeting Women labource participation etc. 

e.g. 2 Lateral entry is a step in right direction. However, government cannot ignore the need for cire civil service reforms, inlcuding, but not restricted to, protection from politicisation, partisanship etc.

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