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Leveraging QRE to RBI Grade B Ace Phase I

RBI 2021 cutoff touched an all time low of 66.75 this year. To give you an idea the cutoff was 122 last year. While this points towards increasing difficulty of RBI phase I, it can prove to be a blessing in disguise for aspirants. Aspirants can leverage QRE to ace Phase I with more certainty and surety.

The biggest mistake that aspirants commit is diving into the exam without analyzing the topics, their difficulty level and marks associated. This becomes even more important in QRE, where there are sectional cut-offs and sectional time limits.

Acads advises aspirants to follow a "2 factor strategy" for QRE. (Yes, the term has been derived from Herzberg 2 factor theory)

  1. First, be 101% sure of clearing the cutoff in QRE by focusing on Hygiene topics

  2. Score 60+ in QRE by mastering motivating factors

In this post, we'll focus on Hygiene factors that will ensure you clearing the cutoff in QRE


  • Number Series: Every year 5 questions come from this section. Get this right and you are through. Acads Video lecture + 3 assignments ae enough to help you master the topics.


  • Syllogisms: 5-6 questions - Easy and predictable

  • Coding-Decoding: 5-6 set patterns are there, all will be covered in Acads QRE course

  • Input-Output: Again, 5 questions that takes not more than 5 minutes to solve, if mastered once.

  • Inequality: Very, very easy if done using Acads tricks


  • Reading comprehension: Follow Acads plan and ensure 70-80% accuracy. RC accuracy depends a lot on background knowledge. Bad thing is, even we can't assure 90%+ accuracy. Good thing is, 70% accuracy is enough to score 10+ marks in English.

Aspirants, thus, should focus on Hygiene topics first to ensure that you clear cutoff in all QRE sections. Aim for these sure-shot topics to secure decent marks in each section and then go for your areas of strength.

Designed by IIMA, IITB, CAT 99.9+ mentors, Acads QRE programs follow the above strategy to help you score 70+ in RBI QRE.

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