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Acads Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: Introducing Quad

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Acads course has been broadly divided into 4 parts - We call it Acads Quad.

No, It's not GS-1, GS2, GS3 and GS4.

Acads Quad

  1. Anatomy of an Answer

  2. Compact Content

  3. 3D4C

  4. The Secret

Quad I

The structure of an answer is the most impotant part. However, this remains the most ignored aspect of the preparation. Acads mains course will have 4-5 hours of dedicated classes for answer structuring.

While, there is no right or wrong way fo writing answers, Acads has developed it's own way of answering questions - The Lego Method. After having seens multiples aspirants applying it and scoring good marks in exam, despite having very limited content, we are sure this is one area where you should devote maximum attention.

Initial classes of your course will be devoted to this. Please make sure you complete all assignments before moving to next class.

Quad II

Covers areas where other institutions are devoting 90% of time. It includes content related to static books, newspaper reading etc. Acads will devote around 50 hours to this. This quadrant aims at ensuring that Acads Learners reach level of selected candidates in minimum possible time.

Ready made pointers will be provided for syllabus that covers 90% of the marks in CSE mains

Quad III

3D: Data, Diagram, Definitions

4C: Codification (Mnemonics), Committees/Cases/ Constitution, Challenges, ConclusionsIt will give you an edge of 30-40 marks over selected candidates.

Quad IV

Self Actualisation Factors: Factors to ensure you a safety net i.e. even if you perform poorly in optionals etc, you don't go out of the list.

And What if you perform well in optionals too?

Congratulations! You have a single digit rank ensuring your IAS in your home state!

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