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Mains Accelerator Combo [MAC]: Data for Mains

In God we trust, rest all must bring data.

A seemingly average answer often stands apart from the bunch of copies with the use of one single thing- Data. The importance of data and figures cannot be emphasized more.

Though it is a part of Step III in the Acads quad, but it is one step that has direct 5X returns in your answer quality, knowledge and above all confidence!

Acads brings to you Data course whereby data, facts and figures from sources like Budget, ES, India @75, PIB, PRS etc. will be compiled at one place, arranged subject and topic wise for ease of application in answers.

For instance, take a look on data on Urbanization:

The above data is sufficient to be used in a variety of questions on urbanization. Data points for other topics will be provided in a similar fashion to our learners.

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